49 Days Synopsis | Natnatvip Online

I just got finished watching the last episode of 49 Days on Natnatvip Online. I really loved this K-Drama. I laughed, cried, and felt refreshed.

Ji Hyun is just a few days from getting married when she gets into a car accident that leaves her in a coma. Ji Hyun is informed by her Scheduler (think of him as a reaper - but don’t call him that or he will go off on you!!!) that although Ji Hyun is technically dead she has the opportunity to live. If she can find three people outside of her family to cry pure tears for her within 49 days, then her soul will return to her body. To complete this task, Ji Hyun borrows the body of Yi Kyng, a depressed suicidal part-time convenience store clerk.

At first, the ending episode threw in a twist that I emotionally rebelled against, but by the last scene I accepted the overall theme of the show and the writer’s intentions. All in all, I give 49 Days 5 stars.

On to the next drama!!!